Transcribe audio or video and  mine deeper insight instantly.

Drag & drop your audio, video or zoom files and our AI technology will transcribe it for you in a matter of minutes, & also extract deeper insight from transcripts.

NLP enhanced Accuracy

Voimada use advanced Natural language technology post-transcript accuracy and deliver zero turn over times and eliminate transcriber and analysis overhead.


Get updates, tips and hints on transcription best practices

How it works

Quick Transcription

Professional AI-based transcription services with 100% accuracy. 

Saves hours of laborious writing. 

Get actionable Insight instantly

Get deeper insight using sentiment analysis. Find, filter, and quick sort through your transcripts to find patterns and insights. Analyse in Realtime and get time stamps with voice tags.

Realtime & schedule

Automate jobs access results directly. Easily integrates with CMS or Q-Xact for phone calls. Boost efficiency with intelligent decision.

Transcription with real-time analytics for actionable insights


"Achieving value from data requires that the right data be collected, protected, and made accessible and interpretable to the appropriate audience collected and stored in data warehouses—sometimes at great infrastructural cost—but left underutilized" - Beautiful data, O'Rielly