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16,000 - 47,000 words per day

Too Many Words A recent study had people carry around a small automatic tape recorder that went on randomly as the day went on. The study revealed that people use about 16,000 words in a 17 hour day while some people use anywhere up to 47000 words a day. Every day, all around us are the effects of our words whether written, spoken or sang. Words are so powerful and thus we have come to accept them as the only way we can communicate what we mean and yes we do have a lot say.

Words are the easiest way humans communicate whether speaking, writing or singing. Word!!

Social Media and Words From phone booths to land phones , mobile phone to smartphones and then social media to chat apps. With the rise of Social media platforms within the last decade, Humans may have successfully lessened the average words spoken per day, but we have increased the total

An image is worth a thousand words -F.R Barnard. 

number of words written, commenting, chatting, blogging and trolling on the internet. Words have proven to be the best way of communicating simply because of the ease to document and store, ease of conversion from one language to another. Effective communication whether in discovering ourselves, describing things, building relationships, influence others, words are the most important yet underrated element in Human life. 

Journalism and Words

Mainstream media is the biggest repository of Word until the internet. Although Social media hacked mainstream media with personal content publishing writing for media and professional journalism is still sacred and prestigious. The difference between social media content and journalism content is Backstory. In Journalism, words are strung together with usefulness towards a dramatic revelation. Great journalists have mastered the different techniques including flashbacks, dialogue, direct narration, summary, recollection, and exposition. Take away this mastery and another Troll is birthed.

Troll and Words

The Journalist and the Troll all use words. In simple language, a troll is basically an irresponsible journalist stroking hatred and giving cover for debauchery, immoral & corrupt acts. Using Powerful words like the authentic Journalist but breaking down true democracy and the Journalist is the direct opposite. Whether it is a simple five to ten-word quote or an article or even a 200-page book. Great Journalism is not 16000 or 47000 words. It is about great stories that enlightens, educates, inspire and promotes awareness of the current affairs of a Geopolitical region.

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