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Content is King, Innovation is God

Content is King, Innovation is god. Separate the king from the god and the king is soon to be exiled and forgotten.  Media & publishing must innovate faster. According to data, the publishing industry is losing approximately $3.5 Billion a year. By 2025 many news media and journalism players will need a major bailout significant government cash injections. The industry would have shrunk to its bearest minimum. Who will survive this mass extinction, innovation will tell. Publishing houses are staring into the teeth of the biggest industry decline. The industry must hurry out of its comfort zone, fight tooth and nail and It's a cat-fight. It's time to jettison the suit and tie. The Silos mentality won't cut it. It's a war against social media and big brother G.  

So what does media and Publishing Need An intelligent media workstation is the solution. Voimada an AI-assisted content creation/publishing is the solution. Investing in innovation is the only way to deal with this Menace. Investing in new systems is the way forward, a radical change leapfrogging into a new future at the turn of a new decade. The intelligent workstation of attack  can give a lean process of content creation is needed, a full force of state of the art technology.  AI-assisted content creation/Publishing presents a lifetime opportunity.  

Operations and Processes

Automating writing and publishing is no rocket science. With Zero migration cost built into innovation and allows easy integration to legacy systems. The speed of implementation and execution remains significant to a successful adaptation. Huge opportunity abounds in media and publishing operations. 

  • Automate the copy-editing process

  • Auto-tagging and Metadata dossier using Machine learning

  • Automated and semi-automated content production using advanced ML augmentation.

  • Image recognition  for content recommendation & trend-pipeline for content generation

  • Excellent transcription using advanced speech recognition technology

  • Automated editing and speech-to-text reverse technology captions and subtitles

  • Automation of cross-platform content production

  • Automated distribution

  • Background noise elimination and voice extraction

  • 'Real-time planning and advanced editorial calendar.

  • advanced analytics in fact-checking. 

Execution and Implementation The innovation strategy will crown the content as King but until then the publishing industry still continues the downslide. Revenues continues to slip away. Adopting the strategy was 2018 - 2019.Executing on the strategy is 2020, 2025 a significant reversal in revenue direction and by the end of the new decade , 2029, all organisation attempting to use old ways in the industry, that underestimated power of disruption and will become another case study in business school autopsy reviews. Companies that successfully migrated to cutting edge solutions will headline the news sharing great stories of climbing out of the debris left by the decline. Q1 2020, Smart companies are starting tp pilot to test and validate different solutions achieving significant milestones on AI strategy adopted an plot the numbers get ready to reclaim their losses and riding on to victory.

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