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How to write boosting content?

Updated: Nov 12, 2019

How to make your content effective is a question that every content writer or blogger faced at least once. How to push your followers to take part in discussions, how to get real attention instead of boring likes? If you were thinking about these issues – our tips are made for you.

1. Think of structure. Structure is not about following boring “essay format”, nevertheless your content should deliver a clear message, object and refer to a reader. So think about your main idea in advance – what is the statement of your content?

2. Describing is fine. Adjectives make your text more colorful and help your reader to “taste” the idea. Formal and cut writing do not let anyone feel engaged.

3. Avoid repetitions. A word used multiple times will be the only word your reader memorized from the article. Searching for new synonyms might be an interesting and useful game for a writer.

4. Use simple words. Unless the topic requires specific terminology. Your task is to deliver to the reader your message, not ego.

5. Short and equal paragraphs. This makes the reader operate your text easier.

6. Sense of humor. If the topic leaves a room for a good joke – it is a great way to make a connection between you and your reader, people like to smile.

7. Be relevant. Even if your topic is not “breaking news”, you can always add some interesting rare facts to show it from an unexpected point of view.

8. Dialogue. Readers should feel like you talk to him and for him in person. If you let something touches your heart, it will stay there for a long time.

9. Conclusion. Sometimes a good conclusion is more important than a good start. You engaged the reader in conversation, do not make him regret it. Someone likes a happy ending, someone prefers drama… One thing is for sure: a conclusion should be logical and natural for your text. Think of your favorite stories. Why do you like its ending? What makes it special?

10. Proofreading. Accurate and literate text is trustworthy. Do not publish anything before checking it first. If you feel not sure about your grammar level, use special software that makes proofreading for you. Our tip list is effective but not a must so if you have your tips you would like to share - we are excited to hear from you. Let your voice be heard.

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