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Tough times deserve simple solutions and strong leadership. (Covid-19)

Updated: Sep 30, 2020

Today after a long and hard considerations we decided to drop the price of our transcription solution to the barest minimum 5.99/ Hr. If your work has been significantly impacted by the current situation and you would love a further flexibility we are happy to grant you access with further reduction and flexibility. Reach out by raising an in app help ticket or directly message to

This morning CEO of Maria01, Ville Simola's lead more than 40 CEOs of different Tech companies via Hang out conference call, discussing how we can continue to make the world a better place amidst this crisis, Ville Simola's leadership was inspiring, as he discussed the many alternative solutions available including what he and his amazing team have being doing to help to include compiling tools that could help in many ways. As we keep our self save, we hope to sustain the local, national and Global economy. Can we HELP? We decided to drop our premium offering to 9.90 cents/ Hr. We realised that leadership in times of crisis is the most important, and the prevailing situation begs for it. A quick message of solidarity in this time of intense difficulty and danger can help, because Fear and Panic is the direct opposite of leadership in times like these. This crisis is a testament that our Global economy is an ecosystem, isolation of individual national economies will force Global economy to shrink, and except we want to go back to Barter system. This is a call for strong leadership in all units of life. A collaborative leadership is what we need. In so doing we take away the narrative from apocalypse and dooms day crusaders. How you can Help Remember to share a positive news on your Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn account and soon we can all create a wave of positive news. If you are alone due to isolation, take leadership by starting a video conference party with your friends, watch out for boredom, burn out and depression. Share guidelines, start a blog, do some art, learn to play the guitar, live by doing something that engages the creative power. We look forward to a wave of positive comebacks and leadership from everyone around the world.

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